The Secret War Against the Arts, Part 2

18 Dec

 Here's the second list of MI5's targets, 1936-1956:

C Day Lewis: poet 

‘We advise that the Ministry of Information should keep a close watch on him’: (MI5, January 1941)     

Margot Heinemann: writer 

‘A further review of MEPO 38/67 has been conducted following receipt of your freedom of information request and I have today decided that the response provided for these previous requests is still applicable’: (Metropolitan Police, October 2017)   

Paul Hogarth: Illustrator 

‘Freelance artist and longstanding member British Communist Party’: (MI5, 1956)   

Storm Jameson: novelist 

‘Communist and pacifist.  Unsuitable’: (MI5, November 1940) 

Doris Lessing: novelist and writer 

Her communist sympathies have been fanned almost to the point of fanaticism’: (MI6, August 1952)  

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