The Secret War Against the Arts

16 Dec

Featured in the book are: 

1. Valentine Ackland: poet ‘When at home she more often wears male clothing in preference to female attire’: (Dorset Constabulary, October 1935) 

2. W H Auden: poet ‘He is an intellectual communist’: (MI5, September 1938)   

3. Ralph Bates: novelist ‘He fought the Spanish Civil War from a comfortable hotel room in Barcelona’: (MI5, May 1938)   

4. James Boswell: Illustrator and unofficial war artist ‘James Boswell’s wise advice to draw anything and everything’: (Paul Hogarth, 1997)   

5. Clive Branson: Painter, poet and activist ‘Communist’: (MI5, 1944)   

6. Felicia Browne: Artist and sculptor ‘Who you may think is worthy of some enquiries’: (MI5, May 1934)   

7. John Cornford: poet ‘His personal appearance appeared similar to a person who has not washed for at least a week’: (Detective Sergeant, Cambridge Borough Police, October 1933)

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