Monday in Paris

13 Jan

Dismal October skies and heavy rain. 

Monday: Paris, the Musée d’Orsay shut. 

Parapluies and ennui by the river Seine.

 ‘Perhaps the Louvre ?’ Take a damp shortcut: 

an hour-long line – ‘Bugger that, life’s too short!’ 

We said, faced with a half-drowned, snaking queue 

of the patient, for whom such rain is sport. 

Lunch instead – French fries, steak and tiramisu, 

washed down by a bottle of Beaujolais.  

The bill (ouch), a walk through puddles, then take 

some shelter where the pleasure domes purvey, 

beneath that roof,  English tea, chocolate cake. 

This is the home of the well-heeled, the sleek. 

Outside, a man so poor he cannot speak.

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