Want to know more about me and what I write?  Here’s ten insights …

1. I came late to writing poetry, starting perhaps four years ago. Since then I have written more than 100.

2. Every morning (at breakfast) my wife and I read a poem to each other. That has been fun, illuminating and, importantly, made me more aware of the sounds of poetry.

3. I once marked Johnny Haynes (Fulham and England) in a charity football match.

4. My next book (to be published next year) is about cricket in the immediate post-war period.

5. Favourite novelist? Anne Tyler.

6. Admired poets: Hardy, Fleur Adcock, Yeats, Billy Collins, Elizabeth Bishop, Helen Mort and many more.

7. Places lived, going back in time: Somerset, Yorkshire, Berkshire, Cheltenham, Spain.

8. What I’m reading now: The Overstory by Richard Powers.

9. Things I do when I’m not writing (or reading): gardening, walking (currently doing the Cotswold Way in stages) and looking for my glasses!

10. If, having got this far in reading this, you’d like a copy of Perfect Day for free, let me know (via a direct message on Twitter). A positive review, on Goodreads or wherever, would be appreciated! UK only I’m afraid.